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They all say you learn as you go. But why does that always mean I have to fall so hard; So fast? Why does that mean that I always have to be the one to suffer? I'm determined to find my light in the darkness. I refuse myself to allow things to continue the way they are. I'll fix everything. One day... Even if it's the last thing I do...

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This is what I wore today while I had some errands to run, More like time to myself and some peace while I read a good book with some hot coffee at a local cafe. The outfit, In my opinion, Is not feminine, Yet not masculine in any way either. To me it’s just comfortable. I wear outfits like this all through late fall, Winter and early spring. I see nothing wrong with it. I feel nice, Causal and pretty modest.

Today, However, While I was at a cafe, There were two boys behind me in line. Nothing out of the ordinary happened until I turned around. The one boy looked me up and down once and scowled at me. I gave him a look and walked away to get my coffee at the next counter. I’m not one to be rude or tell people off. I don’t like that shit. I try my damndest to be nice to people. You never know what they’re going through.

So I walk to the other counter, Get my coffee and go to my own little table. I heard low murmurs from people around me, But ignored them, Determined to finish my book.
After I’m done reading and drinking, I leave. The one boy followed me out to my car and confronted me about my appearance. He said I looked like a boy from behind, With my short hair and “Boy clothes”, And then I turned around and “There were tits everywhere”. Which, Obviously they were not. He yelled at me because of my hair and the way I looked. I shouldn’t look like that. I’m a girl, Not a boy. I tried to excuse myself and opened my car, But he slammed it, Almost smashing my fingers in the door. I told him off then, Which I’m always afraid to do because of my past with my father. It made me very fearful over arguments, Especially with men. I pushed him away as best as I could and grabbed at my purse so I wouldn’t lose it.

He then proceeded to slap me across my face, Called me a stupid bitch and a worthless dyke, And then walked off and back inside with his friend. No one said a word about it. They just stared and walked on, Whispering in hushed tones to one another about what had just happened. I heard one girl say that he was probably my boyfriend and I cheated on him.

After I got home, I told my parents what had happened, That I was smacked across the face by some guy I’ve never even met. He asked me what I did to deserve it. When I told them the story, He blatantly replied, “I told you that you looked like a boy with that haircut.” and then walked off. My mom doesn’t argue with my dad. She just gave me a sad look. And that’s the sad part, Too. Instead of my father defending my rights for Liberty, Fraternity and equality, He sided with some asshole I’ve never even met! Why? Because I looked like a boy and I got what I deserved, And then some bull shit from the bible. I told my dad what I thought and he called me a feminazi…

I’m okay now, I suppose. Just shaken up and my cheek still stings, And I’m a bit angry… But this is why I need feminism. Not even three days in with, What I thought, Was an awesome new hair cut for our hot summers, And this is what I get. This is why I need feminism. This is why we all need feminism. 

Oh, And it doesn’t help the fact either that I work at a daycare and all the school aged boys, And girls, I’ve been watching keep asking me why I got a boys haircut. It’s not right, It’s too short, Girls have long hair, Blah blah blah. Parents need to grow up and tell them the truth about the world, Not some sexist bullshit that you want to believe and push inside your own little world that doesn’t actually happen everywhere the majority of the time.

I’m so done, It’s not even funny…

This is why I, You, He, Her, Us, All… Need feminism…